Handbook Brillean

With the trademark Brillean®  Wolfensberger Canada Inc. takes great pride in being able to offer an intelligent and economical alternative to the harmful and unsafe cleaning products that are so unknowingly being chosen by many consumers today.

Firstly and foremost, ALL of our products are carefully created and for- mulated with the highest regard and consideration for the personal safe- ty, health, and well-being of the consumer. As well, we offer a product line that is not only effective and efficient in purpose, but that is also biodegradable, organic and eco-friendly.

Research is proving and scientists and doctors are discovering more and more evidence as to the harmful effects on the human body and the specific medical conditions that can occur, due to prolonged exposure to the harmful toxins or chemicals found within certain cleaning and hygiene products that may be used in our daily lives.

We strongly believe in the importance of choosing chemical free and non-poisonous products. With this philosophy in mind, we carefully select and analyze our ingredients and product formulations for their health-safe status.

The mission and overall aim of our company is: to protect and maintain a cleaner and greener world, and to promote a more healthy and prac- tical lifestyle change. By creating, improving, and selling a high quality, health-safe, brand of cleaning products that enable us to have an honest and clear conscience, we can sincerely offer genuine products that our company members, families, and friends are proud of, committed to, and eager to use and endorse themselves.

The name Wolfensberger stands for a Swiss family who has managed various companies in Switzerland in a very successful and ethical man- ner for over a hundred years.

We, at Wolfensberger Canada Inc., understand it is our duty to serve you, the valued customer, with only the very best. Yes, we strive to be differ- ent, but we also genuinely care and definitely are accountable so that we can gain your trust in providing what we truly know to offer an excep- tional product.

Heinz K. Rohner President

Heidi Meister-Wolfensberger CFO

Bruno Wolfensberger

CEO Wolfensberger Inc., Switzerland


History of Brillean®

Now, this proven and powerful cleaner is available to you. You too can clean, without feeling guilty about harming or hurting the environment.

So why not clean with Brillean® make us your first step towards a clean- er and greener future. Be- cause  protecting your children and the environ- ment is a prime concern of both: YOU and Brillean®!


Brillean®s history traces back to the nineteen forties. Europe experienced a shortage of the chemicals necessary for produc- ing cleaning products. During this time, a cleaning agent was created from natural ingredients and in 1948, commercial produc- tion began. Although this all- natural product was intended to clean silver ware, it soon became an all-purpose cleaner that found its way into many households as the primary cleaning agent. Thus Brillean® was born.


However, in the fifties, it became more fashionable to use chemical based cleaners and the production of organic cleaners slowed down. In the early nineties, people in Europe became much more con- scious of environmental issues and began to realize the damage caused by chemical agents. As a result, Brillean® was rediscovered. Today, Brillean® is praised not only for its natural and organic ingre- dients, but also for the fact that it is fully biodegradable. Our valued and lifelong customers truly be- lieve and know, that Brillean®s cleaning power in just one con-

tainer is much more capable of eliminating, outlasting and out- cleaning an entire cupboard full of various and numerous chemical cleaners!

What makes Brillean® so different?

Explanation: The vast major- ity of cleaners that are used by the consumer of today will rely on tensides, which are designed primarily and specifically to re- move grease, dirt, and grime. These penetrate and clean, but thats all!


The surfaces of stainless steel, ceramic tiles and even glass are only as smooth as it appears, to the common eye. However, under a microscope, you would detect these as a rather rough surface, depending on the magnification.


Our incredible product, Brillean®, purposely contains all natural cleaning agents that utilize natu- ral tensides. By using Brillean® you will not only realize that it has an unmatched cleaning pow- er, but that it also has the ability to leave a polished surface and uses an all natural water repel- lent substance that seals in the roughness or edges of the clean- ing surface. This is what makes Brillean® so special and unique! It cleans, it polishes, and it pro- tects, in one single motion! Plus Brillean® is non-abrasive because

the ingredients fully dissolve in water.


In comparison to any other prod- uct that may be used, our product exceeds all others because of the simple fact that it is so safe and non-hazardous to you and your health. We can also boast that the German Ministry of Health proud- ly endorses Brillean® as to what is called food safe. This means that it contains no ingredients consid- ered as capable of contaminating food, people, or animals with po- tentially harmful substances.


Brillean® is also a disinfectant that kills germs and has been success- fully used in German hospitals, institutions, clinics, hotels, and restaurants for over fifty years!


This is what makes Brillean® so brilliant and why it has been and always will be, successful in Eu- rope or wherever it is introduced or distributed!


Brillean® contains aqua, green soap, organic fats, natural polish- ing and care compounds and per- fume oil if scented.

Things to clean with Brillean®:

Attention: When in doubt al- ways try on an inconspicuous area first!

Usually cleaning with Brillean® cleans the sponge too, but if re- ally dirty, simply put the high qual- ity Brillean® sponge together with your laundry into your washing machine to get it clean again.

  • Tire rims (except chromed


  • Chromed trims & exhaust pipes
  • Motorbikes and bicycles
  • Boats, RVs, ATVs, Aircraft
  • Pet cages, containers and food


  • Aquariums, terrariums and

their supplies

  • Counter tops
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Fridges/freezers
  • Microwaves
  • Water tubs
  • Floors (tile, stone, hard wood,

laminate, vinyl)

  • Walls (latex and oil painted)
  • Cupboards
  • Faucets
  • Smooth leather furniture and


  • Windows
  • Plastic window frames
  • Garden furniture
  • Jewellery and trophies
  • Plastic dishes
  • Vinyl sidings
  • Lacquered wood
  • Metals (aluminum, brass, cop- per,silver,gold,pewterandmore)
  • Fibreglass


Removes heavy

stains like:

  • Ink from ballpoint pens
  • Permanent markers
  • Crayons
  • Nicotine
  • Burnt food and condensed milk
  • Black shoe marks on floors
  • Lime
  • Iron
  • Paprika
  • Tomato sauce
  • Hairspray residue
  • Almost any unwanted stain,

substance, or residue.


When you encounter extreme and heavy stains on pots, pans or garden furniture; it is all right to use steel wool to roughen up first as long as you are careful not to scratch the surface. Then soak with the Brillean® foam and clean.

Cleaning those hard to get to places

To clean hard to get to spots like corners or the grout of tiles, we recommend the use of an old toothbrush. Cut the bristles back to about half their original length. This will give you a handy tool to apply Brillean® to all the places you otherwise could not access plus with this brush, you can apply much more force. Just wipe with the moist bristles over the cleaning agent and start cleaning.


Just one reminder though; mould stains on top of the silicon caulk- ing can be removed, however often the mould is found below the sili- con and is inaccessible. In such a case the silicon caulking has to be removed to get rid of the stains.

Automotive, Bikes, RVs and Boats

Tire rims

Chrome bumpers and trims


Motorbikes and bicycles

RVs and trailers

Tire rims collect dust and brake pad residues leave tough stains. Chrome plated, aluminum and mag- nesium rims are highly vulnerable to scratching and physical damage when cleaning. Brillean® works magically in cleaning and rejuvenating the look of your rims. Just clean and rinse with water. In addition, remember you are using an environ- mentally friendly and biodegradable cleaner – no greasy stains on the floor – perfectly safe for the lawn.


Brillean® removes oxidation and rust stains with ease and brings the chrome back to a sparkly shine. Clean and water down  thats all.


Hard plastics on quads, golf carts, jet skis, snow- mobiles and other sports equipment can also be cleaned with Brillean®.


For bikers who accidentally leave burn marks from their boots on the beautiful chromed surface of the exhaust pipes, Brillean® offers the solution. It may need a bit of hard work and scrubbing, but Brillean® will remove those terrible burn marks without doing any harm to the chromed surface. As well, Brillean® works great on any metal surface of your bike that needs cleaning or shine.


The vinyl sidings, plastic trims, awnings and alu- minum window frames of RVs and trailers suffer from exposure through the winter and the alumi- num oxidizes. This can easily be restored like new!



Smooth leather and vinyl

Brillean® is the ideal cleaner to use on any boat due to the fact it will work terrific on almost any- thing a boat is built of; fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, lacquered wood, brass, stainless steel and copper. Brillean® one single cleaner for your boat!


Dirty leather seats or panels in your car or boat or aircraft will be no match for Brillean®. Just foam it up well and gently clean with your sponge and wipe dry with a microfibre cloth. Then use Brillean® Leather Care for a long lasting protection.

Musical Instruments

Brass instruments


Jewellery, trophies and medals

Brillean® works extremely well on brass instru- ments. Because it is considered food safe by the German Ministry of Health musicians can clean mouthpieces worry free.

Use Brillean® to clean any metallic objects, trophy plates, jewellery, and/or artifacts to get a profes- sional quality shine.

Farm, Ranch and Pets

Bridles and saddles

Brass, gold and silver plated hardware

Pet food dishes

Pet cages, containers and trailers

Aquariums, terrariums and their supplies (rinse thoroughly before reuse!)

Any smooth leather can be cleaned with Brillean®. Take the sponge, wet it and squeeze to get lots of foam from the cleaning agent. Rub and scrub by hand and then wipe dry using a microfibre cloth. After the leather has dried well, we recommend us- ing Brillean® Leather Care to soften, protect and to get it back to a silky shine.

There is no need to change your cleaner when cleaning a leather harness containing any metal hardware as Brillean® effectively cleans both. Wipe it off with a damp microfibre cloth after cleaning and polish it back to shine. The perfect all in one cleaner!

Whether plastic or metal, Brillean® is the smart cleaning solution and health-safety will never be an issue.

Brillean® is the best choice of a cleaner to use on items relating to animals or pets. The effects of the cleaner will never be of concern due to the non- harmful properties of its make-up and the fact that Brillean® is food safe.

Cleaning of aquarium, terrarium and their supplies is a delicate issue. Even for tasks like that Brillean® is a safe solution. In any case we recommend to rinse all cleaned items thoroughly and well before reuse just the way you do by using vinegar.


Garden furniture

Plastic garden furniture will stain and fade due to the exposure of the environment. Brillean® will remove the stains, clean, polish and protect. Your furniture will look rejuvenated and new! Brillean® also can be worry free used on lacquered wood.

Shop, Industry and Aviation

Brillean®  non corrosive, non acidic

Brillean® has an almost unlimited capacity of uses, especially in regards to metal and hard plastic sur- faces. The main advantages for industrial use are:

  • non corrosive
  • non acidic
  • environmentally friendly
  • biodegradable
  • can be rinsed/washed down

Due to its health-safe status Brillean® was and still is used in German hospitals, hotels, and restaurants.


Stainless steel sinks

Cleaning stainless steel with Brillean® will “truly open your eyes to give you what we proclaim as the Brillean® experience! Just moisten the sponge with lukewarm water, wipe over the white Brillean® brick and foam it up with your thumb. Then start wiping in a round circular motion. Brillean® will leave a fine layer of white residue and this is normal. Now just use your water tap and rinse the white residue off. Your stainless steel will re-

appear perfectly clean and shiny. Brillean® makes the water pearl off. For places you cannot use the water tap to rinse, soak the sponge with clean, clear water and use it to flush off the residue. In addition, when you clean the sponge you will dis- cover just how well Brillean® cleans and takes off the oxidation of your stainless steel; the side you used for cleaning will be grey to very dark grey. Like no other cleaner Brillean® will bring back your stainless steel sink to its brilliant, shiny, sil- very gloss. Because Brillean® leaves a microscopic thin natural layer of water repellent wax behind you will notice that whatever you clean with Brillean® will stay cleaner longer then before and easier to clean because grime cannot stick to your stainless steel like it used to.

Stainless steel fridge and appliances

Electric iron

Clean just as mentioned above. Instead of rins- ing, we suggest using a microfibre cloth to wipe off the unwanted residues or marks. Fingerprints on stainless steel are a very common annoyance. You probably have experienced for yourself how hard they are to get off. Brillean® takes care of them with ease.


The surface of an iron can be vulnerable to dam- age. Often when the iron is too hot or with im- proper or inattentive use, fabric can be left melt- ed on the surface or in the pores. It can be very hard to find a cleaner that will not damage the surface and yet take off the sticky residue. Not to worry. Unplug your iron and let it cool off. Take Brillean®, foam it up, and apply the foam to your iron. Let it soak for a few minutes and then clean with the sponge. Brillean® will take the residues


without scratching and harming the surface of your iron. Wipe and rinse it off with a wet cloth. Let your iron dry up for several hours to prevent any electric shock hazard when you plug it back in. A recommendation is to first plug it in the bathroom socket, which is equipped with a safe- guard circuit breaker. You now have a smooth gliding iron again with a totally new surface!

Granite counter tops

Ceramic field stoves

Pots and pans

With granite counter tops we give an advanced recommendation to make sure that all Brillean® particles dissolve in the sponge by squeezing it well and creating lots of foam before cleaning. Af- ter you have cleaned with Brillean®, use a damp microfibre cloth to wipe off the residue and then polish the granite with a dry microfibre cloth. Brillean® will dissolve entirely in water; squeezing the sponge well will enforce this process and help to avoid any chance of scratches.


The fact that Brillean® will not scratch makes it the perfect cleaner for ceramic stoves. For burnt food stains create lots of foam and drip it over the burnt residue totally covering it. Let it soak for 6 7 minutes. Brillean® will penetrate most burnt residue with the exception of sugar! Then just scrub with the sponge and wipe clean with a damp microfibre cloth (be aware – sugar will burn right into your ceramic stove plate and do permanent damage).


Pots and pans can be cleaned outside as well as in- side. Due to the fact that Brillean® is food safe and therefore can be safely used as you would with any dishwashing liquid.


Plastic dishes Bathtub, shower Ceramic tiles





Brillean® is the ideal cleaner for all plastic dishes. Scum, lime and iron stains are easily removed.

Brillean® works outstanding on ceramic tiles and cleans the grout extremely well. Tile grout seams, corners around water taps or any engravings are easy to clean by using a toothbrush with the whis- kers trimmed to about half their original length. This gives you a very handy and forceful tool to help reach all those hard to access places.


A personal tip: Use an old electric toothbrush as a perfect scrubbing power tool!

Brillean® cleans any chrome, gold and brass plated appliances with ease. Removes lime and iron stains.


Start with five litres of warm water. Wipe the moist sponge over the agent and then squeeze your sponge out in the pale of water repeat this three times to get the appropriate ratio of Brillean® to water. Use this solution to clean your windows. Moisten a microfibre cloth to wipe your windows after washing. It will not leave any streaks. Brillean® will seal the glass, so your windows will stay clean much longer.


Stains on latex or oil painted walls can also be re- moved. If in doubt try on an inconspicuous area first.


To remove spots on a carpet, take the Brillean®- foamed sponge and gently rub it in the stained part of the carpet. Let it dry and then simply take your vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt out of your carpet.

Smooth leather furniture and clothing

Hairspray residue

No more dirty leather furniture! Brillean® works well on smooth leather too. Just foam it up, gently clean with your sponge and wipe it dry with a mi- crofibre cloth. Then use Brillean® Leather Care for a long lasting protection.

Women know how that over time the overspray of their hair products can collect on bathroom walls and appliances. This residue is extremely sticky and tough to get off. However, even this tough stain is no match for Brillean®. Foam it up, let it soak in for a little while and then rub it clean. Gone!