Company Philosophy


With the Brillean trade mark, Wolfensberger Canada Inc. takes great pride in being able to offer an intelligent and economical alternative to the harmful and unsafe cleaning products that are so unknowingly being chosen by many consumers today.

Firstly and foremost, ALL of our products are carefully created and formulated with the highest regard and consideration for the personal safety, health, and well-being of the consumer. As well, we offer a product line that is not only effective and efficient in purpose, but that is also biodegradable, organic and environmentally and eco-friendly, in nature.

Research is proving and scientists and doctors are discovering, more and more evidence as to the harmful effects on the human body and the specific medical conditions that can occur, due to prolonged exposure to the harmful toxins or chemicals found within certain cleaning and hygiene products that may be used in our daily lives.

Like Paracelsus, the German scientist and grandfather of modern medicine, we strongly believe in the importance of choosing chemical free and non-poisonous products. With his philosophy in mind, we carefully select and analyze our ingredients and product formulations for their health-safe status.

Our mission and overall aim of the company is to protect and maintain a cleaner and greener world, and to promote a more healthy and practical lifestyle change. By creating, improving, and selling a high quality, health-safe, brand of cleaning products that enable us to have an honest and clear conscience, we can sincerely offer genuine products that our company members, families, and friends are proud of, committed to, and eager to use and endorse themselves.

The name Wolfensberger stands for a Swiss family who, for many generations, have managed various companies in Switzerland in a very successful and ethical manner for over a hundred years.

We, at Wolfensberger Canada Inc. understand it is our duty to serve you, the valued customer, with only the very best. Yes, we strive to be different, but we also genuinely care and definitely are accountable so that we can gain your trust in providing what we truly know to be an exceptional product.

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