Since 1948

BRILLEAN has been cleaning since 1948

There has been no change to the formula of our venerable BRILLEAN All Purpose Cleaner for over 70 years. It is still valued as the top-of-the-line, all purpose cleaner with our European cleaners, is gaining popularity throughout North America day-by-day, and customers are joining us from as far away as Australia.

What makes the BRILLEAN All Purpose Cleaner so different?

BRILLEAN All Purpose Cleaner not only cleans, but also polishes and protects.

The BRILLEAN All Purpose Cleaner is a solid agent, much like a soap bar. In order to apply the cleaner, use the provided sponge and moisten it with lukewarm water, wipe 3-4 times over the agent, and foam it up by squeezing the sponge. It’s that simple.

The polishing compounds within this cleaner gives it the unique ability to bring all surfaces to a shine, removing oxidation on metals and marks and stains on other materials. The protective agent of the All Purpose Cleaner also applies a water repellent coating to the surface that you clean (which is most noticed on stainless steel or other metal surfaces). This water repellent coating prevents new stains from clinging to the freshly cleaned surface. These polishing & protecting features of the BRILLEAN All Purpose Cleaner are the true ‘time savers’ so highly valued by our clientele.

BRILLEAN All Purpose Cleaner is made with natural ingredients and is fully biodegradable.

Not only is BRILLEAN All Purpose cleaner non-flammable and non-acidic, but it also has been approved by the Canadian Ministry of Health to be labeled non-toxic. The German Ministry of Health certified that BRILLEAN is Food Safe which means it can be used as a dishwashing detergent safely on dishes, pots and pans.

Because BRILLEAN All Purpose Cleaner only requires 3-4 swipes over the agent for a typical cleaning, a 300g container lasts for up to a year cleaning your kitchen, bath, washing windows and mopping floors! This makes BRILLEAN All Purpose Cleaner very economical to use.

BRILLEAN THE CLEANING TROUBLESHOOTER: A nickname given to us by our customers!

BRILLEAN all purpose cleaner

Cleans – Polishes – Protects

Very Economical

A Regular size container (300g) will last up to 1 year in a 4-person household 

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