The 7 dirtiest spots to clean in your home!

70 % of all the digestive diseases are contracted in private households!

Unable to see and detect contamination, let us from the BRILLEAN team help you in preventing this to happened in your home.

Imagine what gets drained down a sink all the time, ease to understand the kitchen sink is one of the most contaminated places requiring frequent cleaning. Based on studies by the National Sanitation Foundation 45% of all sinks are contaminated by E. coli-bacteria!

Our recommendation, clean your sink frequently with the BRILLEAN All Purpose Cleaner and after rinse it with hot water.

On 18 % of all tested cutting boards the NSF-Agency detected also E. coli bacteria. The source of contamination is traced to meat, poultry, Salad and fruit – all those items being cut on the same board.Clean your cutting board after every use, with dishwashing soap or use our BRILLEAN All Purpose Cleaner.


There is good reason, we always point out to our customers, that our sponges withstand up to 60 degrees Celsius, so they can easily washed in the dishwasher or your laundry. Sponges are high risk of being contaminated by bacteria, but also very easy to remedy.

Using a bit of water together with white vinegar will disinfect it with ease.

Also letting the sponge dry after use is an additional factor preventing the growth of bacteria. And as pointed out above our sponges can be put into the dishwasher or laundry.


There is always some water dripping from a used toothbrush building a puddle, where E. Coli and staphylococcus can grow.Therefore it is important to regularly put the cub into your dishwasher. 

SWITCHES and CONTROL BUTTONs on your stove
How many times do you unintentional touch the controls of your stove without washing your hands? That should clearly explain how important it is to give those a regularly good cleaning.The easiest and best way to do is pull them off and clean them it hot water using dishwashing detergent. As an alternative you can use a squirt of disinfectant.

Pet toys are a formidable host for a big source of many different bacteria:

coli, fungi and staphylococcus to name a few.

Therefore it is vital to frequently use our BRILLEAN All Purpose Cleaner to clean them with or simply put them into your wash machine and ad some old rags or towels to prevent damage, to put them into a laundry bag is often a good idea too in order to prevent damage.

It is rather surprising to hear coffee machines being listed, but Spanish scientist discovered, that particular machines using capsule systems are prone to host bacteria. Especially the water tank is a source for bacteria to grow but also the drip collecting tray.Therefore frequently empty the water tank, rinse with hot water and dry using paper towel at least once a week.
With espresso machines using ground coffee or having an automatic grinder follow exactly the manufacturers recommendations. Moist ground coffee is a greet breeding ground for fungi. The BRILLEAN All Purpose Cleaner is safe to be used on all exterior parts of coffee machines.