Have you ever felt embarrassed when you were surprised by an unexpected guest who came to visit and your home was a mess? Most of us have and if someone claims they havent, then they are most likely not being entirely truthful. Of course, there are those people who you can visit anytime of the day or night and their place is spotless. Some of those people are “clean freaks” who spend their time cleaning for hours a day but some are not, yet they still manage to keep their place spotlessly clean. What do they do different? Whats their secret? Here are THREE rules that will make your cleaning life a breeze!

Rule No. 1 Prevention!

Just like with your teeth, regular brushing keeps the dentist away, so does using the right products help make your regular cleaning easier. Using BRILLEAN All Purpose Cleaner does exactly that; Prevention. It prevents grease, calcium deposits, rust/iron stains and dirt from clinging to the surface.

Rule No. 2 – More often is less!

Cleaning more often requires less effort and less time! Cleaning more often means less scrubbing and requiring much less time, just because of the fact there is less time for dirt to build up.

Rule No. 3 – Cleaning timetable!

The kitchen and bathroom are used more frequently and may require more attention than say a living room. The living room is probably used more than the bedroom so schedule your cleaning accordingly. Create a timetable to schedule these areas ahead of time. Its that simple.

Additional Tips:

  • With every task in mind, train yourself to first think about how you can prevent things from getting dirty.
  • With a timetable, you clean only what requires cleaning at a certain time. Your cleaning chore doesnt build up to become a major workout.
  • In your timetable, schedule certain items every now and then that you will do a major cleaning with.
  • Once or twice a year, like you would go to see a dental hygienist, clean your whole place. You will discover this to be a breeze because there will be no place with major buildup to clean.

Time Saving example

Lots of people have issues cleaning their shower, because it is often a small, hard place to access. To ease your pain, keeping the BRILLEAN All Purpose Cleaner within reach just outside the shower door is a brilliant idea! After a certain number of showers (e.g. 5), before you do your last rinse and step out, reach for the BRILLEAN. Use the dripping water to moisten the sponge and quickly wipe the shower walls, facet and floor. Put the can and sponge back outside the shower and rinse off! Three minutes and the cleaning job is done! The protective action and the water repellent feature of the BRILLEAN All Purpose cleaner will keep your shower spotless. Using a squeegee and removing all the water drops is also a great benefit to maintaining a clean shower!

Happy cleaning with BRILLEAN